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Raoul Sarghini
Raoul SarghiniChairman of the B.o.A.
Business Agent in Mediation - REA: RM 850035 at CCIAA of Rome, formerly Professional Role no. 2281. Registered at no. 1911 in the Role of Property Appraisers and Valuers. Enrolled in the Register of CTUs at the Court of Rome - Ministry of Justice. Licensed to practice since 1985. In the same year he founded Progest Group, a real estate consulting, brokerage and management company for residential and productive real estate, based in Rome. In 1996 he founded, and since then has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, IMMOBILI DI PRESTIGIO - Consulting Center, a leading structure in the marketing, promotion, brokerage and management of prestigious, residential and commercial properties for the national and international market. Since 1989 he has been an accredited professional at the Rome Real Estate Exchange. Since 2005 he has been a member of the Provincial Board of Directors of the Italian Federation of Business Agents Mediators (FIMAA), and currently holds the position of National Board Member as a full member of the Board of Arbitrators.
Isabella Villa
Isabella VillaManaging Director
Business Agent in Mediation - REA: RM 940669, already enrolled in the Rome Role of Business Agents in Mediation since 1985 at no. 2284.1 and in the List of Mediators for updating the position RI/REA Ex DM 26/10/2011, is the Head of the operational office in Rome - Via Po, 37. Managing Director of Immobili di Prestigio S.r.l., he is in charge of coordinating the entire Operating Staff and the "Real Estate Management" Division.
Marco Bartolozzi
Marco BartolozziReal Estate Team Lead
Axel Sarghini
Axel SarghiniReal Estate Project Manager
Orlando Moscardi
Orlando MoscardiReal Estate Senior Advisor
Simona Scarpati
Simona ScarpatiReal Estate Advisor
Daniele Todaro
Daniele TodaroReal Estate Senior Advisor
Laura Giovagnorio
Laura GiovagnorioExecutive Assistant
Livia Dell'Agnello
Livia Dell'AgnelloAdministration Officer
Arianna Capogrossi
Arianna CapogrossiWeb Marketing Specialist
Ruben Sarghini
Ruben SarghiniCorporate Legal Counsel
Massimo Filice
Massimo FiliceDue Diligence Manager
Alessandro Leone
Alessandro LeoneSurveyor
Marco Franceschini
Marco FranceschiniCredit Broker
Roberto Terenzi
Roberto TerenziInterior Decorator
Marino Presta
Marino PrestaProfessional Photographer
Francesco Viesi
Francesco ViesiInsurance Broker
Daniele Pagano
Daniele PaganoIT Domain Architect